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About Us



 Kelly Tate

I am a Minnesota-based photographer specializing in travel and landscape photography. I was inspired to purchase my first DSLR camera after attending a local art fair. I was intimidated to use it when it arrived, so the camera sat in its box for the next 4 months mocking me! Until one day when I decided it had taunted me one too many times and I finally signed up for a couple of photography classes.

I began to master my camera. After practicing nearly every weekend, I hit a big plateau. I was dissatisfied with the majority of my shots and I could not figure out why. For several months I read every photography book and magazine I could get my hands on. After much frustration, I began to improve.

Our vacations quickly became excuses for photography trips. On these getaways the position of the sun and tidal schedules determine when we wake up and when we go to bed. Expanding my portfolio has been a journey. I learn every time I have the opportunity to shoot. I still hit plateaus that may last for weeks or months, but I continually push myself out of my comfort zone to learn so that my passion for photography is paralleled in the quality and creativity of what my lens captures.

I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my lens.





Michael Tate

I am Kelly's "jack of all trades". I assist her with the day-to-day operations of the photography business, including coding and maintaining the website. Maintaining equipment and scheduling are just a couple of the tasks I perform as her field assistant.

While in the field, I am a (self-dubbed) "pack mule". I carry most of the camera gear as we hike out into the wilderness. In addition to carrying and maintaining the equipment, I help gather vital information that prepares us while in the field. Using information about where the sun is going to be setting or what the tidal schedules are, for example, help us make calculations that will help produce optimal shots.

Prior to a shoot there is the initial scouting phase that includes both online research followed by boots on the ground information collection upon arrival on location. It is a real pleasure to see and be part of all that goes into each one of these incredible photos. The real adventure on these journeys is getting there.

Even after the shutter clicks and the images have been imprinted, the process has only just begun, and months later we have something that we truly hope you will enjoy.